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  • Achieve quality compacted pavement edges
  • Increase worker production with less fatigue
  • Eliminate complaints due to poor edge compaction

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    Smooth Edge Tamper Model 2435P Personal Plate Tamper
  • One man operation
  • Light enough for an individual to lift on and off a truck or trailer.
  • Perfectly powered for compacting asphalt pavement edges, pot hole patches, trench backfill, stone, pool sand, concrete pavers and anything else that can benefit from true vibratory compaction.
  • Tamper head utilizes tapered corners to eliminate cutting or gouging asphalt
  • Compaction rate of 1 1/4 tons in a 1 1/2 " asphalt lift
  • Tamper delivers up to 1,200 hits every 7 seconds, number of hits is adjustable
  • Tamper head is approximately 24 inches long and tapers from 6 to 7 inches
  • Fully compacts and finishes a pavement edge at a rate of 24 feet per minute If you're the buyer that may sound slow but if you're the operator It's extremely fast and efficient.